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Banned Ideologies Policy

Banned ideologies are forms of association or belief that we don't permit within this server. Associating with, partaking in, tolerating, promoting, or condoning any extremist, terroristic, illegal, or abhorrent ideologies or actions is prohibited.

This rule is cited as Rule 3E, and is considered a severe offense. Unlawful conduct (including the support thereof) is also a violation of Rule 7C.


The following examples are ideologies, beliefs, associations, conduct, or actions that may not be promoted, normalized, tolerated, encouraged, endorsed, or partaken in:

  • Nazism (including neo-Nazism);

  • Antisemitism;

  • Racism, including:

    • Racial Supremacy;​

    • Racial Segregation;

  • Ableism;

  • Sexism;

  • Abuse/Assault;

  • Slavery;

  • Unlawful Homicide;

  • Child Exploitation, (also see Rule 4E) including:

    • Child Abuse/Neglect;

    • Child Sexual Abuse Material (any form of Child Pornography, whether real or animated);

    • Pedophilia;

    • Sexualization of Minors;

    • Adult-Child Romantic/Sexual Relationships (excluding Romeo & Juliet laws);

  • Animal Abuse, including:
    • Animal Sexual Abuse Material (any form of Animal Pornography, whether real or animated);
    • Zoophilia;
    • Sexualization of Animals;
    • Human-Animal Romantic/Sexual Relationships;
  • Incest (excluding similar age cousins where legal);

  • Eugenics;

  • Genocide;

  • Terrorism;

  • Genocide Denial or Misinformation, including:

    • Diminishing the Severity of a Genocide;​

    • Attempting to Justify a Genocide;

  • Terrorist Attack or Mass-Atrocity Denial or Misinformation, including:​

    • Diminishing the Severity of a Mass-Atrocity;

    • Attempting to Justify a Mass-Atrocity.


Abortion: Support of abortion is not banned under this rule. An exemption is made for this specific issue due to the controversial, contentious, and widely-debated context. We want to foster open-debate as much as possible, and this includes topics such as abortion. However, condoning infanticide, sex-selective abortions, eugenics, abortion "rituals", forced abortions, or partial-birth abortions is indeed banned under this rule.

Death Penalty: Some may consider the death penalty to be a form of murder. However, similar to the issue of abortion, we do not ban people based on their position on this topic due to its contentious and widely-debated nature.


Case 01 - July 31, 2023 - Clarification of the Banned Ideologies Rule

Case 03 - August 12, 2023 - Satanism & Banned Ideologies Rule

Case 04 - October 12, 2023 - Israel/Hamas Conflict Server Policy

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