At Bridges of Faith, one of our top priorities is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to ensure that people can have civil conversations with one another without any personal attacks or hateful language. We also want to ensure the safety of our members, the quality of our server, and the purity of content that is being transmitted through our Discord server and the website. Because of this, we have developed the Bridges of Faith Community Guidelines to establish the 35 rules we have here at Bridges of Faith.

     All of the rules are under a category. There are 7 categories, and these are our core values. We organize our rules into these core values so that people understand the purpose and overall goal of the rule and what value we are pushing for when we have such policies. Reading through our basic core values should be enough to understand what we expect from our members; nevertheless, we have formed a thoroughly crafted list of all of the rules here at Bridges of Faith. The Board of Directors legislates these guidelines and decides on what rules to keep and what rules to remove or amend.

If a rule begins with a yellow shield, that indicates that it is a minor offense.

If a rule begins with an orange shield, that indicates that it is a moderate offense.

If a rule begins with a red shield, that indicates that it is a major offense.

If a rule begins with a maroon shield, that indicates that it is a severe offense.

If a rule begins with a blue shield, that indicates that it is a severe & illegal offense.

If a rule begins with a gray shield, that indicates that it is a discretional offense.




     1.1) Insults or rude behavior will not be tolerated. Please do not directly insult or disrespect an individual.

     1.2) Insensitivity is discouraged. We expect you to be sensitive, understanding, and humble when talking to other people - even if you disagree with them.

     1.3) Defamation is not allowed. Attempting to ruin an individual's reputation for any reason is not okay. If you have a genuine concern or report, please make a support ticket.


     1.4) Harassment is prohibited. Harassment can encompass a lot of different things: including threats, manipulation, targeted profanity, picking on an individual, sexual harassment, etc..


     1.5) Discriminatory slurs or conduct is prohibited. You should not target, harass, ridicule, or shame an individual on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliations, nor economic status.


     2.1) Unfruitful/insubstantial conversations are discouraged and can be stopped by a moderator at any time. Conversations that are hateful, full of bigotry, or generally unfruitful are not allowed. Furthermore, conversations or debates must have some type of logical or evidence-based origin. Providing blatantly false facts, promoting harmful ideology, or spreading clear misinformation is not allowed.

     2.2) Profanity is not allowed. This server is not the place for cursing or vulgar language. Any vulgar language/content will be moderated accordingly. Discriminatory or offensive slurs fall under a severe violation according to rule 1.5.

     2.3) Sexual innuendo is not allowed. Any suggestive content, inappropriate noises in voice chat, sexual audio or video, half-naked pictures, shirtless photos, or inappropriate material is prohibited.

     2.4) NSFW content is absolutely prohibited. This server is not the place for pornography, gore, sexual content, nudity, extreme violence, or otherwise vile/disgusting material. Any obscene or offensive material will be deleted and moderated to the fullest extent.


     3.1) Sketchy or unapproved links are not allowed. Even if you did not intend to do any harm, sending links that are unsafe or otherwise sketchy is not allowed.

     3.2) Personal information is not allowed. Do not share your phone number, address, email, private social media, financial information, security information, or anything otherwise private or personal. The act of asking for or sharing personal information of OTHER people will be punished harshly.

     3.3) Threats are prohibited. Threatening other people about their safety, life, security, account, or well-being, is absolutely prohibited.

     3.4) Dangerous or inappropriate links are prohibited. Sending IP-logging links, unsafe files, or sites with inappropriate content are forbidden.

     3.5) Doxing, similar to rule 3.2, is forbidden. Intentionally sharing the private information of other individuals, or threatening to do so will be reported and moderated.



     4.1) Unsolicited DMs are not allowed. Please make sure to read the roles each person has regarding DMs, and do not DM someone who you did not get permission from.


     4.2) Deception is not allowed. Do not deceive individuals regarding anything from facts to medicine. Make sure to put research into things before telling someone what they should do.


     4.3) Alternative accounts are not allowed. Lying about having no alts is prohibited, and if you do have one, please make sure to remove it from the server to avoid punishment.


     4.4) Libel or false reports are prohibited. Do not report an individual that has done nothing wrong, and do not forge evidence. Making false claims or reports will be moderated. Please see rule 1.2 for the defamation rule.


     4.5) Lying to staff is bannable. Do not lie to staff members in any way whatsoever. We expect you to be honest and truthful.


     4.6) Dangerous advice such as unqualified medical advice or suggesting harmful activities is prohibited. We are not professionals and no one should be acting as such, and nobody is ever entitled to encourage dangerous activities that can endanger ones health or life.



     5.1) Spamming is not permitted. This includes sending multiple messages very quickly, repeating yourself many times, randomly pinging people, spamming letters or emojis, spamming images or links, partaking in a "chain," or flooding the chat.


     5.2) Controversial topics should only be discussed in serious discussions either in christianity-chat, or if a debate, debate-center. Controversial topics include the LGBTQ+ community, abortion, politics, Satanism, rape, etc...


     5.3) Trolling is not allowed. Please don't join the server with the purpose to disrupt people around you or cause a ruckus. Fooling around in serious conversations, making jokes when not appropriate, or otherwise acting annoying or disruptive will fall under a violation of this rule.


     5.4) Advertising or self-promotion is not allowed. Do not spam advertise in peoples' DMs or try to promote something of your own here.

     5.5) Role or mass pinging is banned. Pinging many people multiple times in order to spam them, or pinging an entire role is not allowed (unless pinging staff in an emergency).


     5.6) Violence or the act of encouraging violence is prohibited. Do not promote, encourage, or engage in any harmful, illegal, or violent acts against other persons or groups, including based off of any of the protected attributes in rule 1.5.

     5.7) Raiding the server is obviously not allowed and will result in an instant ban. Do not participate or encourage raiding this server or any other servers. Destruction of the server or power abuse falls under a severe violation of this rule.




     6.1) Condemnation or shunning is prohibited. Do not condemn, shun, or damn people based on your religious beliefs. Do not use your faith or the Bible/sacred texts as a weapon.

     6.2) Blasphemy is prohibited. Using God's/Lord's name in vain with the intent to offend or be insulting, offensively distorting and attacking a religion, spreading inappropriate memes of other religions, mocking members of certain religions, or vulgar language regarding God or other religions is not allowed.

     6.3) Pushing or forcing your beliefs on anyone is forbidden. Do not try and force people to follow what you believe, and don’t exclude or push people away from their religion because of your personal objections to them.


     7.1) Listen to staff and administrators at all times. If someone is being abusive, please make a support ticket. Otherwise, abide to what they say and listen to them at all times.

     7.2) Follow the Discord Terms of Service at all times. We abide by the Discord TOS and Discord Guidelines at all times, and require you to do so as well. Remember you must be over 13 to use the service, and we do not allow anyone under that age to access this server.

     7.3) Follow the law at all times. Any illegal activity or content will be reported and moderated - as well as resulting in a swift ban from the server. Partaking in, encouraging, promoting, endorsing, or engaging in illegal activity including, but not limited to pedophilia/child-sex, zoophilia/bestiality, grooming, child pornography, animal pornography, necrophilia, cannibalism, rape/sexual assault, homicide, physical assault, domestic violence, child abuse/cruelty/neglect, animal abuse/cruelty/neglect, terrorism, voyeurism/revenge pornography, kidnapping, etc.. is severely prohibited and will result in a direct notification of law enforcement. We also report, and encourage you to report, any child abuse/pornography to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Report any unlawful activity to the Federal Bureau of Investigations if there is an imminent danger, threat, or ongoing child abuse.


     7.4) Holding the 'Service' liable for any incidents or activity that occurs out of our voluntary control is forbidden in our terms. We do our best to moderate, but we cannot always moderate everything ASAP. You agree to not hold us liable for any losses or incidents that happen out of our voluntary control.

     7.5) Do not make loopholes in any of these rules. As detailed as these rules are, we cannot possibly include absolutely everything. It is up to the moderator's discretion to moderate you based on your behavior. This rule also forbids evading punishments or bans in the server. Most of these rules can apply to DMs with other members depending on what rule.


      Moderators are expected to follow the proper standards of punishments for rule violations, but may utilize reasonable discretion to vary consequences based on the certain circumstance, severity, and application of the rule in such scenario. Below, you can find the standards for punishments of different offense levels.








  • It is ultimately up to the moderator what severity the violation was and what punishment to give.

  • These punishments are for the Discord server. If any of our Community Guidelines are violated on other parts of the Service, such as this website or our social media, the punishments will be much more harsh.

  • If you'd like to appeal a punishment, our appeal system will be out soon.





     We recognize that members who remain in the server for a long time may obtain multiple punishments over a lengthened period of time. Therefore, we have added expiration dates to certain offenses:

Each minor offense punishment expunges/expires after one month, meaning it will no longer be held against you in determining any future punishments for rule violations.

Each moderate offense punishment expunges/expires after three months, meaning it will no longer be held against you in determining any future punishments for rule violations.

Major or severe/illegal offenses do not expunge/expire after any period of time, meaning it will permanently remain on your record and be held against you unless you appeal it or it is revoked.