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Child Safety Policy

At Bridges of Faith, we have a strict Child Safety Policy. Children at or over the age of 13 are permitted at Bridges of Faith, but members 13-17 are protected under this policy to ensure the safety and well-being of minors within our community.

This rule is cited as Rule 4E, and violations are considered a severe offense. We report violations of this rule to Discord, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and law enforcement.


  1. Any form of child sexual abuse material will result in a permanent ban and a report to authorities;

  2. Sexual innuendo, comments, or jokes about, around, or directed towards minors is prohibited. Sexual innuendo in general is banned per Rule 3A, yet will be punished harshly if about, around, or directed towards minors. This applies regardless of knowledge of the age of the minor;

  3. Online dating involving underage teens is prohibited within the server or the messages of any of our members. Sexual or romantic relations in general are not permitted to originate from this server, and if they do, both parties will be banned if either one or both of them is a minor;

  4. Asking for, talking about, hinting, or exchanging explicit or sexual content or text with a minor, even if both parties are minors, will result in a permanent ban and a report to law enforcement;

  5. Sharing personal or sensitive information of yourself as a minor is susceptible to harsher moderation;

  6. Sharing the personal or sensitive information of another minor (DOXING) will result in a permanent ban and report to law enforcement;

  7. Users under the age of 18 are not permitted to share any photos of themselves, share any personal social media links, or expose their full names;

  8. Minors under the age of 16 are prohibited from disclosing their age unless asked to do so in a private moderation ticket.

  9. You must be 13+ to have a Discord account and be a member of the server.

  10. You must be 15+ to be a member of the Staff Team. You must be 18+ to be a member of the Board of Directors or handle any reports relating to NSFW content.

  11. The promotion or toleration of any form of child abuse is a banned ideology;

  12. Any attempt to normalize, promote, tolerate, condone, minimize the severity of, or otherwise support pedophilia, child abuse, or child exploitation will result in a permanent ban and report to authorities. Furthermore, we do not tolerate language such as "minor attracted persons" or "MAPs" that attempt to normalize or destigmatize pedophiles;

  13. Rule violations against minors will be punished more severely;

  14. Failure to report any violations of this policy that you have witnessed will be susceptible to moderation.

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