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Defamation Policy

Attempting to tarnish or ruin an individual's reputation by spreading false rumors or statements about them is absolutely prohibited. Do not engage in behavior that is defamatory.

This rule is cited as Rule 1D, and is considered a severe offense.


  • Insinuating that a certain member did something harmful, illegal, or otherwise against the rules without explicitly mentioning their name;

  • Publicly questioning somebody in a way that attempts to interrogate them or otherwise accuse them of wrongdoing;

  • Slandering or trash-talking another member;

  • Slandering or trash-talking a server/member that is outside of the server;

  • Publicly accusing another member of committing a crime, breaking the law, or otherwise being or partaking in something egregious;

  • Fabricating screenshots or evidence in a way to make another person look bad;

  • Unreasonably twisting an individual's words into something egregious.

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