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Discrimination Policy

Do not target, shame, ridicule, or otherwise discriminate against somebody on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex/gender, sexual orientation, disability, illness, national origin, religion, or other protected attributes.

This rule is cited as Rule 1C, and is considered a major offense.


  • Using discriminatory slurs in a way that is discriminatory or derogatory;

  • Posting content that attempts to bash or shame all members of a certain protected group;

  • Posting unproductive content or memes that are intended to harm or instigate members of a certain protected group;

  • Calling for the exclusion or segregation of a protected group;

  • Calling for, encouraging, soliciting, inciting, or otherwise endorsing hatred or violence against a protected group;

  • Shaming or bashing another individual for a protected characteristic;

  • Sharing harmful or negative stereotypes for a protected group;

  • Attempting to exclude or ostracize other members on the basis of a protected characteristic.

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