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Doxing Policy

The act or threats of searching for, sharing, exposing, or publishing private or identifying information about another person will result in an immediate ban, deletion of such content, and a report to law enforcement and Discord.

This rule is cited as Rule 4D, and is considered a severe offense. We report violations of this rule to Discord and law enforcement.


  • Real First Name*

  • Full Name (including middle or last name)

  • Phone Number

  • Address (including state*, city*, street, or specific address)

  • Email Address 

  • Personal Social Media Accounts 

  • Passwords

  • Career* or Place of Work

  • Educational Facility (university* or school)

  • Photos or Selfies*

  • Family, Relationships, or Ancestry

  • Place of Birth*

  • Financial Information

  • IP Address

  • Identification Card

  • Medical Conditions*

  • Height or Weight*

  • License Plate

  • Age*

  • Other Private, Sensitive, or Identifiable Information

* = May be disclosed if the individual gives permission.


  • Sharing or posting the personal information (i.e. address) of another member;

  • Publicly bringing attention to a place where a member has unintentionally exposed sensitive information for everyone to see;

  • Pressuring or asking another individual for sensitive information of themselves or others;

  • Sharing or leaking the IP address or other security information of a member;

  • Blackmailing or threatening another member with the threat of doxing them;

  • Threatening to "swat" or harm another individual using their location;

  • Posting images of other members without their consent;

  • Joking about doxing another individual;

  • Attempting to search for, gather, or discover personal information about another individual.

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