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Inappropriate Content Policy

Inappropriate content includes text, behavior, or media that is violent, gory, or sexual, but is not necessarily NSFW. Inappropriate content is not permitted, and all content should be PG-13 at the most.

This rule is cited as Rule 3C, and is considered a major offense. NSFW content is considered a violation under Rule 3D.


  • ​​Posting a video that contains inappropriate audio or insinuations;

  • Significant sexual innuendo or comments;

  • Posting a cartoon image that is sexual or inappropriate;

  • Sending non-NSFW inappropriate videos;

  • Posting photos or videos that have excessive blood or violence;

  • Posting media that contains spiders, insects, snakes, or other commonly scary media with the intent to scare or intimidate another individual;

  • Posting content that is otherwise not family-friendly, but is also not NSFW.

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