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Personal Information Policy

Sharing or disclosing your own personal/sensitive information is prohibited. Do not share your phone number, personal email, address, passwords, precise location, family, or security/financial information.

This rule is cited as Rule 4B, and is considered a major offense. See Rule 4D regarding doxing (sharing the info of others).


  • Full Name (including middle or last name)

  • Phone Number

  • Address (including street or specific address)

  • Email Address 

  • Personal Social Media Accounts 

  • Passwords

  • Place of Work

  • Educational Facility (unless a college)

  • Family or Relationships

  • Financial Information

  • IP Address

  • Identification Card

  • License Plate

  • Other Sensitive or Identifiable Information



  • Sharing a photo of yourself or family that can easily identify who you are and/or where you are located;

  • Sharing the street you live on;

  • Having a social media connection on your Discord profile that connects to an account that exposes your precise location and other sensitive information;

  • Posting a screenshot that includes sensitive information;

  • Sharing your IP-address;

  • Sharing your account password;

  • Pretending to share personal information of yourself, whether real or fake, unless explicitly clear that you are joking.

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