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No Way to Win

A poem written by Ocean (@oceanwavez on Discord)

I wrote this poem on February 20, 2024. As someone who suffers from OCD, a major component of that is existential distress. This poem reflects on the fact that no matter what religion or denomination someone chooses, they are always condemned to Hell or some form of eternal punishment by another. For example, if I am Christian, then there is always going to be another religion that condemns me to Hell. Or if I am Jewish, according to most Christians and Muslims, I am also going to Hell. The way I see it, we are all atheists to every religion other than our own. The poem more broadly reflects on the concept that no matter what you decide in life, or whatever path you go down, there are always going to be people hating you, judging you, damning you, condemning you, and berating you.

It often feels, to me at least, that no matter what I choose or believe... I am always wrong to millions of others. In this world, there is truly no way to win.

Woke up on the floor,

The sound of coins in the air.

Opened my eyes to see,

In-front of me a machine.

Commands from all around,

Each of them telling me what to do.

Only one coin they gave me,

Only one chance to try.

Pick this or that,

No second attempts so try your best.

Regardless of which one I choose,

Only for one did I please.

For all of the others,

I suppose I lose.

The reward is everlasting,

The punishment is eternal.

Can't even win or stutter,

Whichever I choose I'll be blasting,

To the infernal of another.

Slid the coin in,

One says I won.

The others stand up,

They tell me I lost.

No more coins or chances,

No more joys or dances.

Asleep I fell,

To most I am now in hell.

─ Ocean (Zachary)

Founder of Bridges of Faith

All rights reserved. Do not copy or share without permission and proper attribution.

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Feb 21

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