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Proselytization Policy

Proselytization is the attempt to convert another individual(s) from or to a religion or sect. This can involve bashing a religion in its specific channel, trying to convince  someone to leave their religion, and/or urging someone to join their religion. Proselytization is restricted to the #consensual-proselytization channel.

This rule is cited as Rule 2C, and is considered a moderate offense.


  • Discussing conversion in a faith-specific channel outside of #consensual-proselytization;

  • Heavily criticizing, bashing, or insulting another faith in its faith-specific channel;

  • Attempting to convert (in server or in DMs) someone outside of #consensual-proselytization;

  • Posting scripture from one faith in another faith's channel with the intent to persuade;

  • Using derogatory language about another faith in an attempt to promote one's own;

  • Attempting to force or coerce someone to partake in proselytization in #consensual-proselytization;

  • Telling another individual that they will suffer some form of spiritual punishment if they do not convert to a specific religion.

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