Bridges of Faith is an interfaith theology and philosophy Discord server, and we are welcoming to anyone of any faith, religion, or denomination. At Bridges of Faith, we are devoted to providing a safe and comfortable environment to chat, make new friends, talk about deep or serious topics, discuss theology and philosophy, participate in debates, and so much more. Members have the right to share their perspectives and points of view so long as they are not forcing their beliefs on others. The purpose of the server is to try and connect people of different backgrounds and beliefs to come together as one in peace and unity.

Forest Suspensionn Bridge

         Ever since I was a little kid, I would always have these questions inside of my head. Why am I here? Who is God? Who created God? How was the world created? Is everything just a simulation? Am I already in Hell? Do people see the same things I do? Am I in some type of long dream? Is everyone else around me just in my imagination? How can I know if anything is true when truth is something I just perceive?

          I am a very deep thinker, and I can never come to peace with or find the answers to all of these questions. I believe discussing philosophy and theology is not only academically stimulating, but it helps us better understand the world and the people around us. It helps us think about the unanswerable questions and push our imagination and intellect beyond its borders. Debates and discussions are very educational and important to have, but a lot of times they aren’t always efficient because personal resentment gets in the way of disagreement.

          Faiths and views are so divided that it’s rare to even see people of opposite religions talking about such topics in a civil way. It has come to the point where many countries only allow people of one religion - and deny the freedom of religion of any citizens in their nation. It has come to the point where we attack and even kill those we differ from, often in the name of our “religion.” If you think about it, we are all atheists to every religion but our own. No matter what religion you follow, there’s always another that condemns you to hell for it. Why is this? Where do we get the basis of such views and beliefs - are we just blindly following an old book with no actual reasoning behind it? These are questions I want to foster an environment for discussion and debate on, and hopefully an environment that can connect people of different backgrounds and beliefs to better understand different perspectives.

          Division and hatred in this world is unfortunately very prevalent. So, I created this community to attempt to bring together people of every background and every faith in a civil and unified space to freely discuss and debate values, beliefs, politics, philosophy, and religion with other people - and to learn more about perspectives other than their own. I dream of a day where all of us - people of any faith, view or value, political belief, religion, age, race, color, ethnic origin, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, disability, disease or illness, economic status, social status, place of residence, culture, or community - can stand on a bridge together in harmony and unity, respecting each others’ beliefs and caring for the well-being and rights of each other.

          Thank you for joining me on my mission to create a bridge - a bridge of unity, peace, and civility - here at Bridges of Faith.


Zachary (Ocean)


Chief Executive Officer