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[OLD] Welcome to the Bridges of Faith Blog

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Written by Zachary (Ocean#0001)

What is the blog here?

Welcome to Bridges of Faith! As you may have seen from the home page, Bridges of Faith is a Christian-based community devoted to bringing together people of all backgrounds together as one under the Lord. We are striving to build bridges between diverse communities so that we can connect with each other, put aside our differences, and focus on love and faith.

The Bridges of Faith Blog will contain many articles of many different topics. You can see the categories on the blog menu. Articles will be written by admin-approved blog writers that are experienced in writing, theology, Christianity, and basic knowledge of the diverse topics we offer education on. All articles are attempted to be as unbiased as possible, but it is inevitable that part of the writers' view will come out on some of the articles. Members have the freedom to comment on each article their thoughts and opinions, and they can either like or dislike the article. Any major suggestions can also be commented, and if a majority agrees, content on the article may be changed.

There are a couple of base sources and references we use when making articles on this blog:

  • The Bible (Old Testament & New Testament) New International Version, King James Version, or manuscripts of ancient translations in Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek;

  • Scientific sources that are written and/or approved by scientific or medical professionals;

  • Surveys that are conducted by unbiased organizations, and we will compare multiple different surveys of the same topic;

  • Testimonies from people in the public or from the community;

  • Research papers or online sources from trustworthy sites;

  • Books from scientists, doctors, theologians, etc...

Before an article is posted, it will be reviewed by another admin different from the person writing it. If that admin approves, the article will be posted. We want to provide efficient, reliable, and accurate sources of information for anyone wanting to learn more about any of these topics from a Christian perspective. It is worth noting that most of the articles are written from the point of view of basic Christian beliefs (aka. the belief in a God).

What are the rules?

The Bridges of Faith Terms of Service, Bridges of Faith Community Guidelines, Google Terms of Service, and local and federal law must be followed at all times. This applies to both writers and visitors (including commenters).

Any offensive or obscene comments or content will be removed and result in a blacklist from the site and a deletion of your account.

Happy reading, everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read the basic information about what the Bridges of Faith Blog is! If you want a space to talk and discuss about all of these topics, check out our forum! Our forum has many of categories where all members can talk and converse with other members and share their views! :)

Have any questions? Let us know at!

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